Urban Paintball Bassetlaw is a great place for:

  • Teams to train before their next major tournament.
  • Birthday Parties
  • Stag and Hen Celebrations
  • Corporate Days 

Urban Paintball Bassetlaw is a small, friendly Sup' air paintball site that is situated in the heart of Retford, North Nottinghamshire, with two very flat grassed tournament quality playing courts.  Our air supply is right at the side of the courts giving players a constant 3K service and for those who want more, there's also a 'working pressure' 4K air supply as well.  We have a small on site store that has all the bits you need to keep you playing throughout the day, including quality paint from Valken and GI Sports.

Urban Paintball Bassetlaw was established in the summer of 2011.  In February 2013, we opened a small, friendly centre in the heart of Retford, North Nottinghamshire.  We offer exciting, fun, very safe, high quality tournament and scenario style sessions all year round on two flat, excellent quality grass courts.  Players compete using inflatable barriers to hide behind rather than a natural woodland environment.