Why Play at Urban Paintball?

We realise that there are other venues that also offer full or half day sessions that are excellent value and offer a great service.  However, the Urban Paintball is right in the heart of your local community, so parents or guardians only need to spend a short amount of time taking their child to the event for them to get involved.  All the games played in one exciting arena, so players don’t waste any time in walking from one game zone to another.  Most importantly our experienced staff are always friendly and very helpful to help make your day go as smoothly and enjoyable for you as possible! 

Is Urban Paintball Safer than normal paintball?

We feel that the simple answer is, Yes it is!  Most injuries sustained when taking part in paintball activities are not caused by being hit by paintballs, but are caused by slips and trips from falling over or into tree stumps and other natural obstacles.  Because Urban Paintball use inflatable bunkers to hide behind, we don’t have that problem, so cases of injuries of this kind are going to be far less than at a normal paintball venue! Timid children may not enjoy the activity as much as sporty, tree climbing young people, so please use your discretion in deciding whether or not this type of activity would appeal to your child

Does it hurt when you get hit by a paintball

It would be wrong to say that it doesn’t hurt, it does!  Paintballs are gelatine skinned and are designed to burst harmlessly on impact. They contain a vegetable based “food colorant” which is water soluble and will readily wash out of clothing. However, paintballs can sometimes bruise the skin, so it is possible that your child may come home with some harmless bruises.  To help protect all players, they will be loaned body protection which covers the front and back of the torso.  This is worn under the camo-outfit that is also provided.  Most importantly players will be issued with safety goggles, which can only be removed in the safety zone and after the Game Marshals have given their OK.

How do I book a place?

Check the online booking page.  You can either book and pay in advance or you can reserve a place online or by phone.  Remember: You must then accompany your child to the venue to pay in full and provide proof of consent and age. Failure to supply a completed Registration and Consent form may result in players being excluded from games. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

How many paintballs do I need?

This will vary from player to player.  Some players are trigger happy and will use lots of paintballs per game, whilst others are more conservative in their gameplay.  You will receive 100 paintballs as part of your package and should you run out at any point, additional paintballs can be purchased in between games for only £5.75 for bags of 100 paintballs.

From experience, on field days most players will purchase an extra 200 to 500 paintballs

we also offer a number of fully inclusive packages as well, so there is no unexpected extra costs when you pick them up at the end of the day

Can I take my own paintballs?

Unfortunately not. You can only use paintballs provided by the venue on the day of your event. This is for everyone’s safety and to ensure that you are using the correct paintballs for the equipment provided.

Is there a minimum / maximum age limit?

Urban Paintball junior sessions are aimed at young people aged between 11 and 18 years of age.  On occasion, the final game is played against the ‘special characters’ who are aged over 18 years old.  If you do not wish your child to take part in this game, please let us know in advance.  Remember, paintball games are strictly non-contact and everyone uses the same equipment, so the age of the ‘special characters’ should not be a restriction to your child enjoying their experience with us.

Sessions are now also open to over 18's as well.  We do not allow over 18's play in the same games as juniors.

Should parents stay at the paintball site with their children?

That is totally your choice. At our field venue, we can offer either full or half day sessions, so usually parents leave their child with the peace of mind with the knowledge that all the staff have a current enhanced DBS disclosures and are all First Aid qualified

Arena sessions are around one and a half hours in duration from the player’s arrival and sign in to them leaving.  The arena does have ‘windows’ that you can safely watch your child’s games through and both courts at the field venue have special safety netting round them.  Please remember that you must stay behind the perimeter fencing and you must not go up to the ‘windows’ or netting for a closer look.  This is for yours and the player’s safety. 

What happens if I am late at the paintball site?

You need to arrive for your given start time promptly.   All your equipment will be handed to you on arrival.  A safety briefing will also take place soon after your start time, miss the safety briefing and you may be asked to leave.

Do I still play if it is raining?

Your paintball event should take place come rain or shine.  However, in the event of adverse weather conditions and the session being cancelled you will be notified with as much notice as possible and an alternative booking offered.

On arena days when there are adverse weather conditions, we occasionally set up our paintball shooting gallery instead.  Here you can practice target shooting, so you can have the choice to do this instead, or change your booking to another date.

Please note: adverse weather would be considered to be high winds and or heavy, constant or prolonged periods of rain

Is there an area at the arena for spectators?

The safety netting at the centre is tournament quality, so it is safe to stay and watch.

The arena does have ‘windows’ that spectators can watch through and you can make arrangements to stay at the field venue if you wish.  However, for your own safety, you must stay behind the perimeter fencing.

Can I use my own paintball equipment?

No.  To ensure everyone’s safety you must use the paintball markers and paintballs provided by Urban Paintball.  This also applies to players goggles and body protection.  You may, however, bring your own paintball gloves if you wish.

Do children need adults to sign disclaimers for them?

Yes.  Without the parental consent form and the disclaimer being signed by an adult, you will not be allowed to play and you might not get any refund, so please make sure that all consent forms are fully completed in advance!

Remember: Failure to supply a completed Registration and Consent form may result in players being excluded from games. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

Is proof of age required for children at the paintball arena?

When filling in the details on the Registration and Consent form, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian for that individual to be honest about the age of the person concerned. If the player is under age then the insurance will become void.

Does Urban Paintball offer bulk buy on paintballs?

At present, paintballs can only be purchased in bundles of 100 and 500 on the day you play.  From experience, most players shouldn't need more than an additional 200 to 500 paintballs.   

What clothing should I wear?

We suggest you wear a couple of layers on your top-half, depending on how warm or cold it is. This will allow you to take a layer off if you get warmed up - and trust us you will. You will also have body protection and camo-outfit given to you to wear for the session as well.  Old jeans or tracksuit bottoms are the best thing to wear on your bottom-half; your camo-outfit will be quite loose fitting and will slip over the top of pretty much anything.

What sort of footwear should I wear?

Comfortable footwear is best, old boots or trainers are usually the footwear of choice. Remember, if it is wet under foot wear shoes that don't slip and that you don’t mind getting grubby.

What do I need to bring with me to the paintball site?

Most importantly - yourself. You will have to take your confirmation, if we have emailed you your confirmation please print this off and take with you on the day. Also bring method of payment for any additional paintballs you use.

Remember: Failure to supply a completed Registration and Consent form may result in players being excluded from games. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

Does Urban Paintball have storage for valuables?

We do have a valuables box that you can place your small belongings in that is left in the safety area. We advise that you arrive with the minimum amount of valuables that you need as things can be lost and trying to find them can be very difficult. Urban Paintball cannot be responsible for the loss or theft of any valuables whatsoever.

Does Urban Paintball accept credit cards?

We currently only have the ability to deal in cash sales for your booking, additional paintballs, protective gloves, soft drinks and snacks. 

How many players are there on a paintball team?

The arena has a maximum of twelve players, six on each team.  The field venue is much bigger and does allow for more players to take part, but it is really down to exactly how many people turn-up on the day.

Will I be on the same team as my friends?

The marshals on the day will obviously do their best to keep people within teams that they are happy with. Please be aware that you may have other people from other groups added to your team.

How can we pay for additional paintballs on the day?

Unfortunately, on the day we currently can only deal in cash sales.  Additional paintballs can be purchased in between games for £5.75 for 100 or £22.00 for 500.

Is there a limit to how many people can book?

The only real limit will be the capacity of the arena, so that is a maximum of 12 players per session, although the field venue does allow for more players.  Remember all bookings are subject to availability so if you have a large group please try and confirm the booking as soon as possible, otherwise you may miss out on places. Please contact our booking line and we will be happy to check availability for you.