SPLATMASTER special events are usually held on a monthly basis during the summer months, usually on Saturdays.  Young people aged 9 and over can come and play a range of exciting and challenging games and scenarios against other players!  


Simply put, SPLATMASTER paintball markers are spring loaded and fire at a velocity of 110 to 140 feet per second which is a much lower speed than a regular paintball marker. 

They also shoot a slightly smaller paintball than regular markers do and so this reduces the likelihood of bruising and the sting of impact when the player is hit.

Young people (and adults) can easily cock, load and fire the markers  making this a fun and exciting alternative to regular paintball.

Your regular SPLATMASTER sessions last for 1.5 to 2.0  hours and cost just £12.50  per person and includes all your paintballs, protective clothing and safety equipment.  This is a fully inclusive price with no additional costs for extra paintballs when you collect your child at the end of the day! 



SPLATMASTER parties are full of exciting, fun and challenging games for up to twelve young people, marshaled by our highly experienced staff in the safety of one of our paintball arenas.

It's a fully inclusive price and is a great way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion!