Tournament Paintball

Urban Paintball Bassetlaw is proud to be the host venue for the UK Masters Paintball Championships, one of the top nationally recognised tournament series.  We now work closely with the AFPL in the USA to create the UK Masters Redzone Paintball Championships to enable players to be part of the world ranking Redzone events!

To help prepare your team for these and other tournaments, teams can hire a private court  to train on.  We also offer open training days, where players can drop in to practice their skills.

Team Training

If your sup'air team would like to hire one or two courts to train on, please feel free to contact us to discuss your training requirements.  

We will do our best to set the courts out to meet your needs and we can also provide you with free air with quality paint from Valken available at very competitive prices

'Open' Training Dates

Urban Paintball will run open training sessions on a monthly basis throughout the year.  

These sessions can be as informal or as structured as players want, with lots of scrimmages and drills (snap shooting, breakouts , 1 v 1, 2 v 2 etc.).  

This will be great practice if your team intend to join us for tournaments during the season or if you just want to try your hand at tournament paintball.


Special Events

The special events sees us host coaching clinics hosted by some of the UK's top teams and players as well as fun and exciting tournament days from three man to seven man events!. 

Teams need to register at least one week prior to the dates to enable fixture lists to be planned and released.  

Costs are kept as low as possible to encourage new teams and players to try their hand against more established players